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Tribe leader Toby

A week in the life of our Tribe Leader Toby!


You’re all probably wondering what a Tribe Leader does on a weekly basis! Well in fact, I’m going to let you into a little secret, my job title is actually Thrive Tribe Academy Lead…but ssshh don’t tell the Tribe Members (pupils), they all know me as Tribe Leader Toby. As the Lead of Thrive Tribe Academy my role is quite varied, but nothing beats delivering a healthy schools workshop package – that’s definitely the highlight of my week! Here’s an example of a week in the life of me, Tribe Leader Toby…



I always beat those Monday morning blues with a trip to the gym. My alarm goes off at 6am and I’m one of the first to arrive shortly after opening time. Most people think I’m crazy trading extra time in bed for the gym in the mornings but physical activity makes me feel great and really sets me up for the day. I go to work with a spring in my step and have so much energy after a workout. This extra energy comes in handy when delivering full day workshop packages. This week at Portfields Primary School I delivered a Health & Wellbeing Day to over 100 of their year 4 Tribe Members, the day included an assembly on breakfast choices followed by workshops on fruits and vegetables, packed lunches, energy balance and healthy drinks. All Tribe Members in the packed lunches workshop seemed to love their free lunch. Due to the cook and eat style format, they made tasty chicken wraps as well as quick and easy chicken couscous. It was a rewarding but tiring day, according to my Fitbit I’d walked over 10,000 steps just delivering the assembly and workshops. I had a good reason to sit on the sofa watching Chelsea FC in the evening at least.



You’ll find me in Thrive Tribe Academy HQ in Stratford, London on a Tuesday! We always have a team catch up in the morning, followed by a bit of training. This week we had a ‘Tribal Gathering’. What’s that I
hear you ask? All the managers and project managers from our organisation gathered for a day of learning. Our latest training day was about how to be a productivity Ninja – an action-packed seminar that inspired me to develop my productivity skills. We even got a free book, which I’ll be reading on my travels to and from work. I finished off the day with a game of badminton against our Tribe Marketing Lead, James. I’m not one to brag, but I get the impression you all want to know who won. It was ME, as always!



Another one of my gym mornings – you can’t beat an hour of physical activity to get your morning off to a flyer. Lined up for my working day after this was a meeting with Catherine from Marathon Kids, we discussed an exciting partnership opportunity that will support all of our Tribe Members to complete a marathon throughout the course of the school year by running laps of an outdoor course once or twice a week during their lunch break. Speaking of lunch, I’m always super prepared and bring my own Minion packed lunch box, which gets a few laughs as I’m 26 years old. I get my own back by eating egg sandwiches – nobody likes the smell of them. Once refueled I got the London Underground to a report launch on new issues and age-old challenges: a review of young people’s relationship with tobacco. The report discussed the current landscape for youth smoking prevention and made recommendations for best practice. A very useful afternoon in regards to our smoking prevention packages!



We’re constantly on the lookout to add more fun, innovative and educational PSHE resources and PSHE lesson plans to our menu of healthy school workshop packages. On Thursday, I sat down with our Tribe Psychologist Gabriella, we put together a brand new sleep & relaxation workshop for our mental wellbeing offering! Next week I’m working with our Tribe Dietitian Heather on a new healthy eating workshop – exciting times as our offerings continue to grow. Thursday afternoon was ‘teacher time’, getting feedback on our latest lesson plans and resources from a teacher consultant, before discussing an upcoming healthy eating day with a class teacher at a school in London. I established how our packages can be adapted to suit his schools needs and we put a plan and timetable together. After all that and yet another busy day I played 7 a side football in my local league. We won 4-0, happy days!



I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get that Friday feeling! I always complete my final gym session of the week on a Friday – yes I give myself the weekends off, although I do squeeze in a parkrun where I can. Friday was a dedicated marketing and design day. I used Buffer to write my Facebook posts for the next fortnight and I have just finished writing this blog post. My morning was spent using Photoshop to create the colourful quote graphics for our upcoming blog posts. I also contacted our Tribe designer, we discussed the design for our new and exciting Lesson in a Box subscription service – I can’t wait to share our latest healthy schools package with you all!


Healthy Eating in Schools



Of course every week is different, and this was just an example of what I have done recently but I would love your school to become part of my week. If you’re inspired to make your school healthy, then we are here to help you achieve your PSHE health and wellbeing needs. All of our healthy school workshop packages include access to the Marathon Kids programme, an exciting project that is based on personal achievement rather than competition – this encourages all Tribe Members, regardless of fitness ability to take part by running as much or as little as they choose. Contact the Thrive Tribe Academy today if you’d like to know more about our exciting healthy school workshop packages.


Written by Tribe Leader Toby 🙂