Example itineraries - Thrive Tribe Academy
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Want to see what a typical day looks like?

Full day itinerary

We appreciate that schools don’t follow the same timetable, that’s why we offer flexibility with our workshop packages to suit your needs! Here’s an example of what to expect from our full day package.


Following registration all classes involved in the Health & Wellbeing Day will attend an assembly, roughly 20 minutes long. Throughout the day each class will have their own workshop lasting 45 minutes to an hour. The workshops can all be on the same topic but most schools usually ask for different topics to encourage communication and peer learning amongst Tribe Members. It’s important for Tribe Members to eat and be active so we stop for your usual break times and lunch time.


It’s just £499 for one full day package or contact us about our annual subscription, 6 full day workshop packages for £2,495 – that’s a saving of £499.

Full day itinerary

Half day itinerary

Half day itinerary

We also offer a half day package, still the same great workshops but we’re only at your school for the morning.


The day will follow a similar format: a 20-minute-long assembly will follow registration, and then our Tribe Leader will spend the remainder of the morning delivering 2 workshops of your choice for 2 different classes.


It’s just £349 for one half day package or contact us about our annual subscription, 6 half day workshop packages for £1,745 – that’s a saving of £349.

All prices are excluding VAT (which your school can claim back). Check out our FAQ’s page for potential funding opportunities.