FAQs - Thrive Tribe Academy
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How can my school fund the sessions?

There are a variety of ways you can fund the workshops, some schools use the budget they set aside for PHSE, but other schools use pupil premium, PTA money, sugar tax money as well as P.E. and sport premium to fund the workshops. There are of course other funding opportunities available too. 

What does the school need to provide?

The school doesn’t need to provide anything – we will bring all the resources we need and will usually hook up to your IT to use the whiteboards or smart boards.  Children will need access to pencils or pens for some of the workshops.

Do the teachers need to stay in the room?

Yes we ask that the class teachers stay present whilst our Tribe leader is running the workshop.

Do we need consent from parents?

The only time you will need consent is if photo consent is needed if you are planning to photograph the day.  It is probably a good idea to let parents know what we are doing as this helps support the pupils with healthy living at home.

My school isn’t currently in one of the areas you cover – is there anything you can offer?

Please do still get in touch – if we have enough interest from certain areas we can look to visit to run some workshops and keep your eyes peeled for our new lesson in a box scheme which will be available all over the country.

Are the workshops suitable for all children?

Yes – we adapt our workshops so they are age appropriate, and so that they are suitable for children from all different backgrounds.  They are interactive and we try to involve as many children as possible.  Please do let us know if your class has any special requirements.

Thrive Tribe Academy Lead - Toby Turner

If you have any other questions do please get it touch – Tribe leader Toby is always happy to help.