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Resources Deck Pack

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Time to Burn Worksheet

Did you know it takes 20 minutes of skipping to burn off a chocolate bar? Our Time to burn worksheet is a great resource to get your pupils thinking about what they consume.

 5  A Day Worksheet

Not sure how to reach your 5 a day? Our example food diary has some simple but delicious suggestions as to how your pupils can meet their recommended daily allowance of five fruit and vegetables a day

Healthy Drinks Factsheet

Do your pupils understand the importance of drinking water? Do they know how many sugar cubes are in their favourite sugary drink? Our fact sheets give them all the info they need to make informed choices

Sleep & Relaxation Worksheet

Do your pupils understand the benefits of getting a good nights sleep and taking some rest and relaxation time? Our handy worksheet supports their learning and provides some helpful hints and tips.

Weekly Drinks Diary

Help your pupils keep track of their drinks intake and learn more about the importance of water consumption and why sugary drinks should be avoided.

Lunchbox Worksheet

It’s important to power our minds and energise our bodies with nutritional goodness. Our worksheet offers six helpful tips for pupils and parents to make healthy and super tasty lunch boxes.

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Healthy eating workshops primary schools

Physical Activity:


How to Achieve Your 60 Active Minutes

Smoking prevention workshops primary schools

Smoking Prevention:


Chemicals in Cigarettes

Mental wellbeing workshops primary schools

Mental Wellbeing:


Sleep & Relaxation

Physical activity workshops for primary schools

Physical Activity:


How to Achieve Your 60 Active Minutes

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Number 3YOU TEACH a fun lesson using our easy to follow guide.

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