(VIDEO) Use our FREE downloads to become a healthier school! - Thrive Tribe Academy
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(VIDEO) Use our FREE downloads to become a healthier school!

Want to know why healthy fluid choices are important for your pupils? Want to know how much fluid your pupils need every day? If the answer is “YES” to either of these questions then simply click on the red button below, pop in your details and we’ll send you our latest (and FREE!) healthy school handouts on healthy drinks and the Eatwell Guide:

Here at Thrive Tribe Academy we use a traffic light system to rank drink choices, from the ‘green’ healthiest choices down to ‘red’ drinks to avoid. Throughout the below video, Tribe Leader Toby and Tribe Dietitian Heather discuss why it’s important to make the best fluid choices. They’ll provide key messages and useful tips so you can support your pupils to drink plenty!

Thanks for watching! Enjoy teaching your pupils about healthy drink choices 🙂