Healthy Eating Workshops and Eating Lesson Plans for Primary Schools
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Healthy Eating Workshops for Children

Our healthy eating workshops have been designed by our dietitian Heather in line with government nutritional recommendations for children.

Did you know? 

Tribe Leader = Teacher

Tribe Member = Pupil

All Tribe Members get a certificate and a sticker at the end of every workshop with us!

Tribe Member Sticker

eatwell guide workshop

The Eatwell Guide

During this workshop Tribe Members will learn about the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet. They will recognise the different food groups which make up the Eatwell Guide and understand how to plan their own healthy diet.

breakfast choices workshop

Breakfast Choices

Our Breakfast Choices workshop highlights the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. Following the workshop Tribe Members will know how to plan a healthy balanced breakfast and will also realise that popular breakfast choices may contain lots of hidden sugar.

packed lunch workshop

Packed Lunches

An exciting ‘Cook & Eat’ style workshop where Tribe Members get to make ‘6 for success’ recipes which they can eat for lunch (*small extra fee for ‘Cook & Eat’). This workshop will teach Tribe Members how to design and prepare a healthy packed lunch, including which foods they might need to leave out.

sugar intake workshop

Sugar Intake

We all know that we should be eating less sugar. This workshop helps to Tribe Members to realise which foods and drinks are either high in sugar or contain hidden sugars. We also cover the government recommendations for sugar consumption and look at the impact consuming too much sugar can have on the human body.

healthy drinks workshop

Healthy Drinks

We teach Tribe Members how much fluid they should be drinking every day and how to make informed healthy drink choices.

fruit veg workshop

Fruit and Vegetables

Tribe Members will understand the importance of eating 5-A-DAY by the end of this workshop. We will explore a range of fruits and vegetables, looking at correct portion sizes and health benefits associated with eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Tribe Members can take part in a food tasting activity that promotes consuming a range of fresh, frozen, canned, dried and juiced fruits and vegetables.

Smoking prevention workshops primary schools

Why should your school join our Tribe?

Research by Public Health England illustrates a strong link between the health and wellbeing of children and their attainment and achievement at school.  Therefore, schools who embrace improving the health of their pupils can have a positive effect on the academic results of the school as well as having a positive impact on the Ofsted inspection.

Whole School Approach


We have a wealth of experience working with schools across the country to improve the health of their pupils.


We have developed all our workshops in line with the current PHSE Curriculum guidance and we can also provide links to  the National Curriculum where appropriate.

health professionals

Health professionals

The workshops are written and produced by our expert team of health professionals including a dietitian, psychologist, physical activity expert with input from teachers, and tried and tested on many pupils!

Special launch offer

We are offering a free assembly on a healthy living topic of your choice for a limited time


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Smoking prevention workshops primary schools

Smoking prevention workshops


Our smoking prevention workshops have been designed by our smoking cessation specialist Oliver in line with the latest government research.

Mental wellbeing workshops primary schools

Physical activity workshops


Our physical activity workshops have been designed by our physical activity expert Terry in accordance with government exercise recommendations for children.

Mental wellbeing workshops primary schools

Mental wellbeing workshops


Our Mental Wellbeing workshops have been designed by our psychologist Gabriella based on guidelines from the
PSHE Association.


About us

The Thrive Tribe Academy is a fun, innovative and educational health and wellbeing service for primary school children. All our packages have been designed by health professionals in line with recommendations from the PHSE Association and can meet statutory National Curriculum guidance.

Thrive Tribe is an award winning provider of Healthy Lifestyle Services. Born in 2008 we are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of the whole community and we see schools as playing a vital role in this.