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Take part in our #mindfulmonth challenge!


As parents and carers, we all know what we ‘should’ be doing to improve the health and wellbeing of our little ones. We know what the perfect bedtime routine looks like, we know they should spend less time on their devices and we know we should be swapping beige foods for a colour fest of fruit and vegetables. Yep, we know what textbook parenting looks like but sometimes, its not that easy! Life is hectic, it moves at such pace that sometimes we all resort to ‘the easy option’, the beige food in the freezer, the extra 20 minutes on their tablet so we can finish cooking yet another dinner they’ll probably turn their noses up at. Its natural and we all do it! But here are the Academy, we’re all for small sustainable changes. We know perfection doesn’t exist but we can take simple steps to the way we live and watch those small changes grow into new habits and memories for our children.

To help families make these changes, we’ve created a simple 30 day #mindfulmonth calendar to complete alongside their mini-me’s. Nothing extravagant, nothing too time consuming but small changes that you can do together. And who knows, over time you might just grow to realise you’ve embedded some of these tips into your daily life without even realising it.

Some of Tribe Leader Toby’s helpers here at Thrive Tribe Academy will be completing the calendar with their little one’s so keep an eye out for pictures and videos as we walk the walk and try wrestle the iPad’s from the clutches of our tweens.

Wish us luck & please do share any pictures or videos from your #mindfulmonth with us here at the Academy!

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