Meet The Incredible Thrive Tribe Academy Team!
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Meet the Academy Tribe

Thrive Tribe Academy Lead - Toby Turner

 Toby – Tribe Leader

This is Toby Turner who is our Thrive Tribe Academy Lead – Tribe Members will probably know him better as Tribe Leader Toby – he coordinates our new and exciting healthy schools service. Toby has a wealth of experience delivering evidence based healthy lifestyle information to groups and individuals. He has delivered weight management courses, personal health plans, physical activity sessions and smoking cessation clinics for a healthy lifestyle service in Suffolk, as well as clinical behaviour change interventions for a cardiovascular disease prevention service in Westminster, London. His colleagues would describe him as a Tom Daley look-a-like with a love for Minions, but Toby has a huge passion for travel and sport, including football, table tennis, badminton and more.

Heather – Tribe Dietitian

Heather has worked as a dietitian for a number of years both in busy NHS hospitals and in the community and public health settings. She works for Thrive Tribe managing and developing services for children and young people and works alongside Toby in the development and running of the Thrive Tribe Academy, especially in the development of the healthy eating resources. She is a mum to three lively boys and a cockapoo called Boris. Her hobbies include running, trying out new healthy recipes and summers spent travelling with her family.

Oliver – Tribe Smoking Prevention

Oliver first started working in Tobacco Control in 2007, implementing the smoke free legislation for Huntingdonshire Environmental Health. He is an experienced stop smoking advisor and has managed successful youth smoking prevention projects for NHS Suffolk. Oliver enjoys playing lots of sport including football and running around his home town of Cambridge.

Terry – Tribe Activity Lead

Terry is our physical activity expert.  He is a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer, and has worked on delivering our weight management sessions for adults and children. Terry has helped us develop the physical activity modules for Thrive Tribe Academy.  Terry is also the Project Manager for MAN v FAT Football, which supports overweight men in losing weight while reuniting them with their love of the beautiful game.  His main role is to develop coaches and leagues across the UK to ensure every overweight man in the country can access our programme. One of his biggest passions is finding new and exciting ways to promote physical activity amongst adults and children. He is a keen cyclist and also enjoys running.

Poonam – Tribe Business Manager

Poonam’s role is focused around managing and acting as the main point of contact for our core sub-contractors, including HR and IT services. She helps to shape the strategies in these areas ensuring we have the most effective combination of internal and outsourced processes throughout the organisation. She has been with Thrive Tribe since the very beginning and has a passion for business management. She also loves cooking, travel and yoga.