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Three Ways to Use the Healthy Minds Sample With Your Class

For a limited time we’re giving away free samples of our Healthy Minds lesson in a box. Introduce your superstars to the ways our senses help us to de-stress.

Here are three ways you can use your sample to encourage healthy mental habits in your pupils:

An After-Break Reset
Instead of your pupils completing the sleep diary every morning, you could encourage everyone to update their dairies after break-time. The exercise could take as little as 5-10 minutes to turn their bundle of energy into minds that are ready to learn! Meanwhile, your pupils will be soaking up the essential tips they need to know to develop healthy habits for sleep and relaxation.

A Tool to Use With Parents
Taking a few minutes out every day to complete the activity with your pupils will be a fun and quick way of encouraging healthy minds. However, as with all habits, it may take a little longer than a week for the sleep patterns to become new health habits.

Explaining the activity to parents and the role these skills play in the development and performance of your pupils, is a great way of getting support to keep the healthy habits going. It could even be shared as an activity that children and their parents complete together!

Introduce the Senses
Introduce a five-star sleeping experience to your pupils by bringing fresh smells into the bedroom – like lavender!

Taking a few minutes to focus on what you can feel, see, taste, hear and smell is a fantastic way of switching your pupils mindset from the playground environment to being present in the classroom. Focusing on the senses creates a way of being in the present and encourages your superstars to be conscious and mindful. Maybe you could pass lavender around the room as a prop throughout the exercise.

To read more about the Healthy Minds lesson in a box visit the Healthy Minds page.
You can request a free sample here. Samples are available for a limited time.