(VIDEO) How to know if your pupils are drinking enough water! - Thrive Tribe Academy
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(VIDEO) How to know if your pupils are drinking enough water!


Want your pupils to monitor their fluid choices? Want to know how much fluid your pupils are drinking every day? If the answer is “YES” to either of these questions, then just pop in your details below and we’ll send you a FREE weekly drinks diary:

Here at Thrive Tribe Academy we’ve designed a FREE drinks diary so that children can see whether they are drinking enough and meeting healthy fluid recommendations. Our drinks diary allows children to record their fluid intake from Monday to Sunday! It’s quick and easy to fill in, but we’ve included an example day to make it even easier. The FREE drinks diary requires children to write down the type of drink they had, the quantity and volume of each drink, the time at which they had each drink and how many glasses they had in total each day.

After completing the FREE drinks diary we’d encourage all teachers to compare their pupils drink diaries with the information supplied on our free healthy drinks handout which we shared last week! Check out the below video for more information:

Thanks for watching! We hope your pupils  enjoy monitoring their drink choices 🙂