Whole School Approach to Healthy Eating & Physical Activity in Primary Schools
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Whole school approach – bespoke approach to improving your school’s health


Research by Public Health England has shown the most effective way to improve the health of the children at a school is by taking a whole school approach to healthy living.  Here at The Thrive Tribe Academy we are able to help all members of the school community become members of our healthy tribe.


Initial discussions will focus on the needs of your school. The health behaviours of all pupils will be assessed and we will establish priorities for your school.

Following this we will work with you to establish a healthy living group for the school which should ideally consist of teachers, parents, governors, pupils and catering staff.

breakfast choices workshop

We can help with:

Writing policies for the school e.g. packed lunch policy.

Providing education sessions for teachers.

Providing ‘cook and eat sessions’ for families.

Establishing a physical activity programme for the school.

Providing stop smoking advice for parents.

Rolling out a young health champion programme, including training, for pupils in the school.

This package allows for 6 days’ worth of workshops to the school throughout the year (2 per term). We can also support schools in achieving their ‘Healthy Schools’ awards.

At the end of the school year the health behaviours of the pupils within the schools will be carried out again to show where improvements have been made and a full report will be provided.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs – prices start from £3,495!

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